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News Release

Investment Company Institute Announces Inaugural Research Summer Workshop

Last Call: ICI Encourages Academic Scholars to Submit Research

Washington, DC; February 13, 2024—The Investment Company Institute (ICI) today announced its Inaugural Research Summer Workshop on Regulated Funds and Retail-Oriented Investment which will take place June 5–7, 2024 in Washington, DC.  ICI is calling on academic scholars to submit early-stage papers on topics related to the asset management industry. The ICI Program Committee will identify the most promising papers out of the submissions (with a particular preference for the work of authors at earlier stages in their careers) and invite an author of each of the selected papers to present their research. The best paper will be awarded by the Program Committee the Investment Company Institute’s Best Paper Award with a purse of $4,000.

“I’m excited to announce our inaugural two-and-a-half-day, in-person workshop in our Washington offices and encourage academic scholars to participate. This will foster in-depth discussions among academic scholars studying regulated funds and retail-oriented investment products and researchers at the Institute,” said ICI Chief Economist Sean Collins.  “I look forward to seeing authors present and advance in a stimulating environment state of-the-art academic research on topics related to the asset management industry.”

The Best Paper Award will be paid out after the author presents an updated version of the paper in a regular ICI research seminar during the 2024–2025 academic year.

Interested authors need to submit their paper by February 29, 2024 here. Only one paper can be submitted by an author, but co-authors can submit an additional paper under their name. There is no submission fee. Authors of accepted papers will be notified before the end of April 2024. Reasonable travel expenses to attend the workshop will be covered by ICI.


Shelly Antoniewicz (ICI)
Zahi Ben-David (Ohio State University)
Sean Collins (ICI)
Mark Flannery (University of Florida)
Craig Lewis (Vanderbilt University)

Hammad Qureshi (ICI)
Christof Stahel (ICI)
Laura Starks (University of Texas at Austin)
Russ Wermers (University of Maryland)
Shane Worner (ICI)